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We Can Help You Find a Loan Quickly

Everybody gets hit by a sudden financial demand at some time. There are all kinds of emergencies that can crop up without warning. Your car can breakdown, and you have to get it fixed straight away because you need it for work. Or expensive, but necessary, white goods, such as washing machines can die, and need to be replaced or repaired straight away.

Maybe you have a medical or dental emergency that is not covered by insurance. If an old filling falls out and has to be replaced by a dental crown, you will need to come up with the money quickly to prevent infection problems.

Unfortunately, lots of people do not earn enough money to be able to save some every week or month. When an emergency crops up, they have no savings to call on, and they can struggle to raise the money. That’s where we can help.

Unlike banks, who will check your credit rating and can take days to process a loan application, we can match you with a lender who will give you a decision much more quickly. Just fill out the application form on our site, and we will match you with a lender. That lender will decide quickly whether or not you will be offered a loan. The whole process is fast, efficient, and most people who qualify are offered loans.

The eligibility criteria are pretty simple. All we ask is that you are living in the U.S., that you are 18 years or older, have a bank account, and that you have a regular income. It does not matter what the source of the income is. As long as you can prove that you get a regular check, you should be able to borrow money.

We connect to a network of lenders. Those lenders will evaluate your application quickly, and will offer you a loan provided you are eligible. Normally, you will get approval without having to provide any documentation. Sometimes, a lender may ask you for additional information, and might ask you to fax it.

Once you are approved, and have agreed to take out the loan, the money will be transferred into your bank account.

Western Sky Loans is a facilitation service that matches borrowers with lenders. We do not lend money to clients. Instead, we process your loan application and forward it to suitable lenders. When you receive a loan, your contract and debt will be with the lending company and not with Western Sky Loans. You should ensure you read the lenders terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to the loan.

The amount of interest you pay will depend on the company you borrow from, the amount you borrow, and the length of time before you repay the loan. These types of loans have high interest rates, but are meant to be paid off after very short time periods, so the amount of money you pay should not be excessive.

Why Choose Western Sky Loans

Searching for a reputable payday loan company that offers competitive rates and is trustworthy takes up a lot of your time. You can visit the websites of many different payday loan companies, and you will need to type in all your details over and over again.

There is a much better option. All you have to do is fill in an application form just once here at the Western Sky Loans. We then match your requirements with a large number of loan providers. We let you see what each company has to offer, making it easy for you to compare offers from various companies.

When you see an offer that you like, all you have to do is click on it. You will see full details of the offer, including the interest rate and any fees you have to pay. After you carefully read the terms and conditions, you can go ahead and accept the offer. It’s as easy as that.

Trust and Confidentiality

Apart from the convenience of only having to enter your details once, and being able to see offers from various companies, you are assured of absolute confidentiality when you use our site.

We do not store any of your details, or process any of your data. We are an intermediary between you and the lender. Only the lender gets to store and work with your data. We only use the most reputable lenders who comply with both federal and state financial regulations.


In the time it takes you to make just one query with a lender, you could obtain quotes from dozens of lenders by using the service we provide here at Western Sky Loans. Imagine how long it would take you to get quotes from just 10 lenders if you go to their websites directly.

You would have to enter you name, your phone number, your address etc. 10 times. Even if you cut and paste your details, you are looking at spending several hours getting quotes.

On the other hand, if you do it the smart way, it should take you a little over five minutes to do the same thing here on Western Sky Loans. That is a huge time saving. On top of that, you get to see a range of possible loans you can get.

Rapid transfer of funds

Once you are approved, your loan will be sent by electronic transfer, and the funds will be available in your bank account the following working day. If you need those funds to deal with an emergency, the rapid transfer will be a great help to you.

We care about you

We put the customer first. We try to make getting a payday loan as quick and as simple as possible. Instead of dealing with dozens of different companies, when you deal with us we do all the hard work for you. That frees up your time and makes the whole process of getting a payday loan so much simpler.