Payday Loans Vs Bank Charges

When you need to borrow money, you might have several different options. If your credit score is good, you could apply for a loan from a bank. If you need the money to buy something expensive, you may have the option to buy it through a financing deal. If you have credit cards, you can get cash using those. You could also turn to a payday loan company.

Interest rates

The charges and interest you will have to pay will vary depending on which of these credit options you take out. Payday loans have a much higher interest rates than banks when it comes to a straightforward loan. However, banks charge very high interest rates on cash withdrawals using credit cards. That interest charge kicks in straightaway, so you always pay something for accessing cash this way.

The interest rates charged by finance companies can vary widely. However, a key thing you have got to keep in mind when you buy something through a finance agreement is that you do not own the goods until you have paid for them in full. That means if you fall behind with your payments, the finance company can repossess what you bought, leaving you out of pocket for all the repayments you have managed to make.


Just comparing interest rates is not the best way to look at payday loans vs bank charges. Most people are more concerned about how much they have to pay back rather than what the interest rate is. A bank’s interest rate might be a fraction of a payday loan company’s rate, but borrowers can be paying the bank at that rate for years. Payday loan companies cap the amount of money you can borrow, so you will not have to pay very much in interest provided you pay off the loan on time.


Nothing could be easier than arranging a payday line. You can do it online in just a few minutes. There is no complicated application form that you have to spend hours filling in, and you get a decision very quickly. This is the best option when you need money fast.


Payday loans are best when they will be repaid quickly. There are no credit checks, and you know pretty much straight away if you are approved. Banks are best for long-term loans. However, while their interest rates are lower than for payday loans, the amounts you end up paying back over years are huge.

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